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QMV Glossary

This is an action taken by a QMV Runner to confirm or express agreement with a statement or action in a Quantum Magic Video. Affirmation will improve connection with the video and enhance the effect of the run. This affirmation can take the form of a grunt, a word, repeating dialog from the video, a nod of the head, or ???.
A type of QMV. Easily identified by the general layout and cascade of cleansing radiations.
The one that operates as a QMV Runner on behalf of another. It's a statement of intention to be of service and has nothing to do with hierarchy.
An abbreviation (technically an acronym) for Quantum Magic Video.
QMV Runner
A QMV Runner is someone that runs a Quantum Magic Video for themselves and/or the benefit of another.
This is one of many terms used to refer to the recipent of a QMV run. In other words the recipient or target of the service.