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QMV Quantum Magic Videos

If you are ready to jump right in, then the above link is for you. There you will find five short videos that will walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know to do Quantum Magic Videos to help yourself -- and to help others. Let's get started.

Here you'll find a several articles that will provide an introduction to Quantum Magic Videos, a little history, and background on how they work. Check it out.

Check here for an overview of special terms and concepts used by QMV Runners.

Hi, my name is Michelle and my favorite way to use QMVs is to run them on behalf of other people. One thing that I really like about that practice is the way it allows me to help in situations where I might otherwise feel like there's not a lot I could do to be useful or helpful.

So an example of this is that someone very close to me is undergoing cancer treatment right now. And so I run the Cancer Killer QMV for her often, as well as a Deep Healing, and then whichever other ones kind of jump out at me as something to run for her on a particular day.

That practice allows me to help in a situation where it's easy to feel powerless, that there's not a lot that I could do. So I'm really grateful to have this as a tool available, where I can do something to make a difference and to help other people in a real way with some very difficult and challenging circumstances. -- Michelle D.