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EJ Reads ABD (American Book of the Dead) Cover

EJ Reads the American Book of the Dead

E.J. Gold

This recording of E.J. Gold reading The American Book of the Dead is a must-listen for those interested in death and dying and those that seek to live an awakened life. Through his inspired reading of the sacred text, Gold provides ample opportunity to dive deep into the ABD. Ideal for preparation for passage into the bardos and achieving an awakened life. This recording is an opportunity to realize your true nature. Experience the process of death and rebirth that is explored in Tibetan Buddhism's classic scripture, The Tibetan Book of the Dead from an American perspective.

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Purchase American Book of the Dead

With more than 125,000 copies of the American Book of the Dead sold, this contemporary and unique work brings the Tibetan teaching into contemporary American culture. Now in its 49th year of publication!

Visit Gateways to purchase direct from the publisher or purchase from Amazon or your local bookstore.